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Discovery Programs

We plan to leverage our discovery engine to identify other tRNA synthetase pathways of interest and select additional potential product candidates for preclinical and clinical investigation in a variety of disease settings.

We believe our strategy of understanding extracellular tRNA synthetase function by using in vivo experiments early and often while using patient data to focus this in vivo exploration has been validated by our ATYR1923, ATYR1940 and ORCA programs. Additionally, we believe our discovery engine can be applied to other members of the tRNA synthetase family to help identify additional clinical utility.

We believe this new biology presents novel protein therapeutic development opportunities based on the modulation of important immunological pathways applicable to multiple diseases. This “pathway” approach or “physiology first” paradigm as we call it, which leverages the understanding of a basic physiological process, has been used successfully to create some of the most important therapeutics in such diverse areas as oncology and ophthalmology.

In addition to our own internal develop work, we will work with collaborators and academia to further understand the potential clinical utility and mechanism of tRNA synthetase biology.

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