The restoration
of balance

Physiocrine R&D

Our discovery efforts are based on our scientific investigation of Physiocrine pathways and their proteins, coupled with a process of identifying disease indications that may benefit from a Physiocrine therapeutic.

Through a combination of deep sequencing and bioinformatics panning, augmented by proteomic analysis, we identified over 300 naturally occurring Physiocrines. We then expressed and purified over 200 of these Physiocrines. Many of our purified Physiocrines were evaluated in numerous cell-based phenotypic assays that encompassed 14 distinct human cell types.

We believe the biology of Physiocrines presents a novel protein therapeutic development opportunity based on the modulation of important physiological processes applicable to multiple diseases. This “pathway” approach or “physiology first” paradigm as we call it, has been used successfully to create some of the most important therapeutics in such diverse areas as oncology and ophthalmology.

We continue to elucidate additional Physiocrine pathways of interest and will select potential product candidates for preclinical and clinical investigation in a variety of disease settings.

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