Finding order
in nature

Resokine Pathway

Resokine Pathway Hypothesis: A homeostatic pathway that controls the set point of key cells in the immune system to ensure appropriate control of immune responses.

We believe the Resokine pathway is characterized by:

  • A series of Physiocrine proteins arising from a single gene, the histidine aminoacyl tRNA synthetase (HARS).
  • Balancing of the immune responses to prevent self-tissue damage and promote homeostasis.
  • Disruptions or insufficiencies in the Resokine pathway or in diseased tissues leads to inappropriate immune responses, contributing to disease.

We harness the power of the Resokine pathway and its association in skeletal muscle with homeostasis in the form of Resolaris™ – a potentially first-in-class therapeutic for patients with severe, rare myopathies with an immune component.

Model of Resokine Pathway

In skeletal muscle health and disease

model of a physiocrine pathway

Our second investigational product candidate, Stalaris™, utilizes the iMod domain of the proteins of the Resokine pathway. Our scientists fused this iMod domain to the Fc region of a human antibody. We plan to evaluate Stalaris as a potential therapeutic for patients with rare pulmonary diseases with an immune component.

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